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remodelers_warranty_logoWhy Choose Residential Warranty Company?

Since 1981, Residential Warranty Company, LLC & Affiliates (RWC) has issued over 2 million written insured warranties on new homes all across the country. Why have so many Homeowners turned to RWC? Integrity. . . Strength. . . Experience. . . Just a few reasons that come to mind. A new home is a major investment with the potential to increase in value over time. Will it be a good investment? Was it built by an experienced professional builder? Were quality materials used? You can see the finished product, but what about all those hidden components that you can’t see that make up the “structure” of your home?

Written and Insured Protection

Unlike implied warranties – the promise and a handshake variety – a written and insured warranty from RWC provides assurance that your new home will be protected from specific defects. Coverage varies depending upon the program that your builder selected for your home. Refer to your warranty book or ask your builder for a sample copy to see exactly what coverage is being placed on your new home.

Strength in Numbers

By including an RWC warranty with your new home, your builder is backing his or her reputation with a written, insured warranty. If you have a warranted problem within the applicable coverage period, it will be corrected by your builder or RWC will fulfill your builder’s obligations under the warranty.

Thorough Screening Process

Only those builders who meet acceptable standards regarding technical competence, financial stability and ethical business dealings are able to become members with RWC. Builders are re-screened annually to ensure their performance remains consistent with our membership standards. Seeing the RWC logo in a builder’s office or model home, is assurance that this Builder has met or surpassed this screening.

Marketing Tool

An RWC warranty is an excellent sales tool should you decide to sell your home during the warranty period. The balance of the warranty will transfer automatically to the next owner for the remainder of the warranty term.

An Effective Tool for Warranty Resolution

Every RWC & Affiliates’ warranty comes with a tried and true dispute resolution process. Even with a written warranty, builders and homeowners may not always see eye to eye. Fortunately for both parties, the RWC limited warranty includes an arbitration process to resolve disputes quickly and inexpensively.

Protect Yourself and Enhance the Value of Your New Home – Enhance your new home purchase by choosing an RWC builder. You will receive written warranty protection as well as the assurance that your home was built by a qualified professional. Get an RWC limited warranty on your new home. Click here to learn more. Ask your builder for details!

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