Live Design

Burback builders live design photo.Live DesignTM Revolutionizes The Custom Home Building Process

Burback Builders uses the latest in technology to create your home right in front of your eyes! Want to see how an extra window would affect the home from both an aesthetic and structural standpoint? No problem!

“Our design team pays special attention to form as well as function.”

Live DesignTM allows the customers and the designer to work together on the blueprints. Instead of starting with one set of drawings, giving them to the customer, letting the customer make changes to the drawing, and then going back to the drawing board, Live DesignTM cuts all of this out and allows the customer to make the change and see the changes right then and there. Instead of taking weeks, or sometimes months, to arrive at working drawings, we literally cut this time in half.

Burback Builders believes that the customer and the designer are a better building team. The people you meet in our office are the people you see in the field.

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